The Acne Scar Home Remedy 
How To Fade Scars Naturally

This acne scar home remedy will help fade and smooth light/superficial scars - those dark or red marks that are often left over after squeezing/treating a pimple.

Read on for the easy, natural solution!

Acne scar home remedy

Note: If your scars are deeper or older, you will need a heavier approach - your best options for these are further down the page.

You may no longer suffer from acne, but even small scars can act as a reminder to what it felt like having to deal with this condition on a daily basis. 

Or you may be still dealing with pimples, blackheads and cysts. This treatment also acts as an exfoliant so add it to your usual routine!

(This is a natural remedy, if you want the absolute best way to get rid of them regardless see this page).

The Acne Scar Home Remedy:

This remedy is 2 simple steps. Repeat once a day until you reach your desired result:


  • take 1 ripe papaya
  • remove a bit of the flesh (no seeds) and mash into a pulp using a fork
  • apply this to the scar (on clean skin) and leave for 15minutes
Natural Acne Scar Treatment
  • avoid other areas of skin as these can get irritated
  • remove with warm water and pat dry 


  • Mix a teaspoon of lemon juice with 2 teaspoons of Vitamin E oil (simply pop a capsule)
  • Apply this to the area and massage into skin for at least 30seconds
  • Apply your normal moisturizer

Why It Works:

Papaya has a natural enzyme called papain that is often used as a meat tenderizer...

For the same reason it is excellent at naturally exfoliating skin and increasing cell turnover. 

(Papaya is powerful! If you notice any irritation remove it immediately. Don't leave any longer than 15mins or it will continue to work and leave you with a painful patch of raw skin).

The lemon juice works as a 'bleach' to lighten skin, and its Vitamin C helps to rebuild collagen

Vitamin E is one of the best emollients, and also has a ton of antioxidants important for protecting delicate skin. 

The massage action helps to break down scar tissue and stimulate the skin.

That's why it's important to do it for at least 30seconds.

For faster results, try massaging pure Vitamin E oil into the area a few times a day as well. 



If you can't get papaya for this home remedy try the following:

Pineapple, kiwifruit or fresh ginger (especially strong - extra caution needed!)

Acne Scars - Types & Other Treatments

There are different 'levels' of acne scars.

Some are a simple red mark left by a recent breakout, others are the result of severe cystic lesions or nodules.

  • The more superficial marks are those that respond quickly to home remedies such as the one above, often in a few days if not overnight. 
  • These scars give an old, rough look to the skin and serve as a reminder of the suffering that was experienced. Almost like 'battle scars'

Because they are deeper, they need a different approach.

Below are the best options you can take to address them. 

You've done so well in dealing with your acne, you now deserve to have clear healthy skin!

Best Options For Treating Severe Acne Scars

Chemical peels work by gradually renewing the surface of the skin - taking off the surface layer and speeding up cell turnover.

These can be very effective and if your scars aren't too deep and old. 

You can see a difference after the first treatment depending on your skin condition.

  • Laser 

The type of laser treatment used varies depending on your type of scar, whether it's raised, keloide or deep.

They are a very effective treatment and work by increasing collagen production in the skin. 

Again, see a dermatologist to discuss your personal options. 

More Tips For Treating & Preventing Acne Scars

  • Strengthen your skin from the inside by taking daily fish oil (Omega 3) supplements, eating plenty of fresh vegetables and protein, and drinking plenty of water
  • Take Vitamin C supplements - this is an important Vitamin in the production of collagen
  •  Use sun protection - any burns or exposure will only deepen scars and roughen skin, making them harder to remove
  • Take care of any pimples you have, avoid squeezing any that are inflamed, and continue to nourish your skin with moisturizer even if you are suffering from acne

This acne scar home remedy will work by naturally exfoliating and renewing your skin.

If you have deeper more severe marks you will need something with more power

Scars can be treated effectively, it's just about knowing what treatment is best for you. 

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