Too often in the skin care industry what really works is lost in a sea of 'latest must have ingredients', overly expensive products, and claims that don't live up to the hype.

So how do you know what actually works? That, my friend, is what Bona Fide Skin Care is all about - real results for real skin...

Advice and Products, That Work. Simple.

This website was founded to share the knowledge I gained over the years as a skin care therapist.

And, to share it on a large scale - one on one in the treatment room wasn't enough! Plus, I was frustrated at having to base my recommendations on whatever product range the spa I was working in had chosen to sell - whether it was the best choice or not. 

But even after so many articles and answers to questions, I was still having a hard time recommending decent products that filled the basic criteria I know works both for my visitors and myself.

This criteria for the right products is simple:

  • Proven active ingredients
  • In the right doses
  • Without extra fillers that only make the label look good and the price increase 

So that's how Bona Fide Skin Care Products started:

The product range that cuts through the hype. The product range that only uses proven, active ingredients, in the right doses, without extra fillers!

You will see the results on your skin. Finally.

Browse the 80+ articles on this site, or check out our product range here > 

Thank you for visiting, and I hope to connect with you soon!

Katrina - Owner Bona Fide Skin Care

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