The Easy, Skin-Beautifying, DIY Deep Cleanse -
Step By Step

DIY deep cleanse

If you want to give your skin a 'deep cleanse' you don't have to resort to expensive professional treatments or elaborate at-home rituals. 

You may have heard of the 'oil cleansing method', which is essentially what this is. But there is no need to buy fancy (expensive) 'oil cleansers' in order to do so. The simple method below works just as well if not better.

Good for both acne, oil, congested skin, and dry or aging:

  • It helps acne by bringing blockages to the surface, releasing blackheads 'plugs', and stabilizing oil production. It really purges your skin.
  • It is also great for dry skin or aging concerns such as fine lines and general 'lack of firmness'. The oil itself and the massage motion helps improve skin texture and health.

What more could you ask for?!

The Ultimate DIY Deep Cleanse - How To Do It:

What you need:

1) Castor Oil - look for 'cold pressed'. You can find it in drugstores/pharmacies, or online at >

2) Another oil to 'cut' it with (mix together), since castor oil is so thick - coconut oil or jojoba oil are great for both acne and other concerns. Jojoba is lighter and is my personal favorite (plus it's great for removing eye makeup!). Sweet almond or grapeseed oil also work.

Note: castor oil is thick, yellow and has a strange smell. Just so you aren't surprised!

Castor Oil from Amazon (affiliate link)

Step By Step:

1) It is best to remove any makeup that to get a deeper cleanse (although not absolutely necessary). Your normal cleanser will do, or simply use a warm wash cloth. 

2) Apply a small amount of your castor oil mix to dry skin - the easiest way is to apply a small amount of each oil to your palm and mix together. 

3) Use small circles with your fingers and really massage the oil over your face. Concentrate on congested areas such as your nose and chin.

4) HERE IS THE KEY: continue massaging for 1 - 2 minutes. The oil needs this long to really start working - it will warm up and start breaking down the oils in your skin, unplugging pores and bringing 'gunk' to the surface. Sometimes, you can see this happening before your eyes. 

5) Removal: hold a warm-hot (not too hot!) wash cloth to your face for several seconds and let it cool, then use it to gently remove the oil. Rinse and repeat as often as necessary to remove all of it. (Water will not remove it by itself since water and oil don't mix).

6) Apply your usual moisturizer, or massage a small amount of the same oil since it also works as an excellent moisturizer. 

You are left with soft, clean, healthy looking skin!

You can do this once a week as a deep cleanse, or every night as your usual cleansing method. It is entirely up to you - if your skin is very blocked it may take a few nights in a row to really see an improvement, so keep going!

Experiment and find out what works for you. Enjoy!



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